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SensorTree introduces Crony – 1000, the latest in Educational Technology

With the Crony -1000 Student View, Administrators can keep tabs on all students in the field.

Andover, MA – September 29, 2009 – SensorTree the current provider of the most diverse Wireless Sensor Solutions announced today the release of its Student View Mobile Controller. Nicknamed, Crony – 1000, this unit is fully equipped and ready to function in a wireless sensor environment with up to eight different models of sensors. The unit is a controller which is capable of recording and analyzing data through its attached SD memory and its keypad and display screen. The unit is battery powered and allows for easy visual reading of all students in addition to our SensorTree Fob technology. With the Student View, Administrators can visually read attendance data for students and monitor their movements from classroom to classroom throughout the day.

About SensorTree, Inc.

SensorTree is one of the most versatile suppliers of ready made Wireless Sensor Network solutions. SensorTree’s Wireless Sensor Network solution consists of wireless routers which communicate to the Probeview software allowing remote monitoring of sensors including Temperature, Zone, CO2, O2, HFC, and other sensors. SensorTree currently leads the market with the most variety and type of sensor solutions. Founded in 1999 as Parthiv Corporation, the company’s mission is to be the most cost effective producer, and manufacturer of ready-made easy to use, reliable, Wireless Sensor Network products and to market them to distributors and customers worldwide from its offices in the United States and India.

For further information on SensorTree and its Wireless Sensor products, please visit www.sensortree.com

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